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  • Move your business forward with the education and assistance you need.

    Move your business forward with the education and assistance you need.

  • No one cares about your career more than you. Make it count..

    No one cares about your career more than you. Make it count..

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Business coaching with Meadlock, Inc takes your ideas, your needs, and your budget under consideration. Bring your projects, problems, ideas, and let's get started. Information AND Implementation.
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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Making a career move? Searching for a new job? Want to step into management? Have an upcoming Interview? Meadlock, Inc provides interview prep, resume revisions, career coaching, and customized training on LinkedIn.
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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

We could all use some help keeping perspective on the journey of life. As a medium, allow me to help you connect with Spirit in a way you never imagined. Your highest and greatest good is waiting. . .
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Research. That great idea won’t create itself.

IdeaAlways do your research.  You’ll be informed and inspired.  The next big idea has to come from somewhere.

The Art of Perserverance

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The Art of Perseverance: Success is the only option.

Venturing out to start something new is always scary.  Starting a new business and becoming an entrepreneur is terrifying.  You’re on a 24/7 roller coaster ride of emotions.  When that client signs, you’re at the top of the world.  It was a good day.  When the phone stops ringing, you feel the lows.  The longer you go without a paying client, the worse your situation seems.  There is an art to perseverance.

  1. Surround yourself with a support system.  Whether it be family and friends, your employees, or fellow entrepreneurs, you need positive people around to keep you encouraged.
  2. Do SOMETHING every single day.  When you don’t have clients, you should still be working.  This requires lots of discipline.  But DO – EVERY DAY.  Research your current market, network, and most importantly, plan.  If the phone’s not ringing, what can you do better?  What can you change to reach your market?  Don’t waste a day.  The slow days are perfect days for creating strategy.
  3. Know that every day is another day that your business survived.  80% of startups fail in the first 18 months.  Scary thought.  But that means you’ve only got 540 days to success.  If you’ve been in business for 6 months, you’ve only got another 365 days.  Even if business is slow, it’s another day you made it.

Be encouraged.  Stay positive.  Your business WILL succeed because it HAS to succeed.  There are no other options.

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Because Business Plans Work!

Business Plans Work

When I first started my business almost a year ago, I spent $200 on business cards.  $100 of that went to having the card designed.  (More expensive than normal thanks to my being a big sister.) The other $100 went to having 3 different business cards printed with one set being rushed at a $20 delivery charge.  I’m lucky I came out at $200!  Why did I need 3 sets?  Because every time I printed a business card, I changed something major like my email address or my business phone.  I wasn’t finished with my marketing plan at the time.  A small thing that should have cost me $30, cost me much more.  This is the essence behind the business plan.

You absolutely MUST have a business plan. It sounds cliche because it works.  It doesn’t have to be long, but it does need to be well thought out.  It should also be a living document that is updated and changed as you learn and grow.  Most importantly, a business plan should lay out your costs.   Business plans help you decide whether to spend your money on fancy business cards or a better website.  Business is always more expensive than planned.  Every dime you save is another day that allows your business to grow and bring in revenue to sustain itself.  Find a template, do your research, and spend the time.  It’ll be effort well spent and money well saved.

Finally: A Budget that Works!



  1. Collect – fact, reality, priorities.  The reason most budgets fail is not a lack of money.  It’s a lack of information.  Budgets are usually based on what we’d “like” to spend.  Yes, I would like to spend only $200 a month in grocery, but I actually spend about $400 a month in grocery.  If I want to reduce eating out, then I must spend MORE in grocery.  Collect facts about yourself from actual documents such as bank and credit card statements.  Only then will you have a clear understanding of your REALITY that you can blend with your PRIORITIES.
  2. Set your budget.  This should be the easy part if you actually completed Step 1.  List your bills in a form you can easily edit each month.  Include debt payments, savings, and even money for babysitters so you can spend time on your finances.  When you care for yourself and your finances, you create a lifestyle that motivates you to stay financially healthy.  Don’t forget to leave yourself “fun money,” if you can.
  3. Review your budget monthly (at a minimum).  Once you’re on track, you need to see how you’re doing and track your progress.  Make small adjustments every 3 months – more if you’re in a constant state of change such as relocation or divorce.  Don’t keep your budget on things you throw away every month like a notepad.  You want to be able to compare month over month.
  4. Analyze income and spending. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes you can’t cut spending enough to make ends meet.  That’s when you need to raise your income.  Find ways to make money with things you normally do anyway.  Bake cakes, give rides, or babysit but GET PAID for it.

Free is NOT a Marketing Technique

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Free Is NOT a Marketing Technique

Too many times, new business owners feel that free is a good way to spread the word, create credibility, and get references.  Most owners began their business working for free anyways.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of offering free and discounted services to family, friends, or even potential clients.  Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Newsflash: Free is NOT a marketing technique.

Nor does is pay your business costs. The bottom line is this:  You cannot be willing to provide your services or product for free and at a discount or you will only attract people that don’t want to pay you.

  1. What’s in it for your business?    Sometimes we offer free samples as a way to entice people to pay for more expensive services or as a way to get customers in the door.  What’s in it for the business?  Does the freebie come with an immediate reference?  Is it attached to a larger package that pays for the free service?  Are you guaranteed to receive a lead or reference?  If the answer is no, you probably shouldn’t be providing it for free.
  2. What are you motivations for offering free products/services?  Too many times, small business owners offer freebies or highly discounted services because they are afraid to ask for the money they deserve.  If you are properly priced for your market, ask for the money you deserve from your clients.  No one is going to offer to pay full price.


Meadlock, Inc is your business assistant from startup to growth combining data analytics, marketing, financial planning and business coaching.  Get your business off to its best start.